Trump signs executive orders on public safety

“The first order — which Trump said would “break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth” — calls on the executive branch to “strengthen enforcement of federal law” to thwart international gangs and ensure that federal law enforcement gives a “high priority” to gangs.

During his campaign, Trump repeatedly pointed to international influences to explain crime taking places in cities like Baltimore and Chicago. He reiterated that assessment this week, telling a meeting of police chiefs and sheriffs that much of Chicago’s crime problem is caused by gang members, “many of whom are not even legally in our country.”

A second order signed Thursday creates a task force on crime reduction and criminal justice to be spun up by the Attorney General that will “exchange information and ideas” and “develop strategies to reduce crime.” The group will be required to submit at least one report to the White House within the year.

The final order requires the Attorney General to develop a strategy to use existing federal laws to “prosecute individuals who commit or attempt to commit crimes of violence against…law enforcement officers.” That document also calls for a review of grants to ensure federal money is used to protect federal, state and local police officers.”

Baltimore Sun


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