On NYC killing, White House condemns hate crimes — and a ‘rush to judgment’ by the left

“Reporter April Ryan asked press secretary Sean Spicer for a reaction to the rise in hate crimes, specifically last week’s slaying of Timothy Caughman in New York. The suspect, James Jackson, a white man, told investigators he had come to New York to kill as many black men as he could. Ryan had attempted to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the case earlier in the briefing, but he left the podium without answering.

“I think hate crimes, anti-Semitic crimes of any nature should be called out in the most reprehensible way,” said Spicer. “There is no room for that in our country, and I think the president noted that in the joint address. There is one issue that despite policy should unite us; that’s calling out hate, calling out divisiveness based on the color of one’s skin, one’s religion, one’s gender. The president’s been very clear on that. He’s called it out before, with certain particular situations he made it very clear. At the opening of his joint address, that’s what he led with, a call to denounce hate no matter where we come from politically.”

Spicer then turned the tables on the questioner, saying that the White House and “people on the right” have come under unfair criticism over their responses to hate crimes.”



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