Forbes Just Revealed Trump’s Bigotry Is Costing Us Billions

“Forbes reports that the U.S. is expected to lose $1.6 billion in tourism this year as 7% fewer Mexicans choose to vacation in the States.

Between his botched, disorienting, and ultimately failed Muslim Ban and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, outsiders feel less and less welcome in the United States. America’s current message to foreigners vacillates between confused and outright hostile. Trump’s hateful victory also paints a false picture that all Americans are ignorant and xenophobic like him, and as such unpleasant for tourists to interact with on vacation.

Mexicans, in particular, have been alienated by Trump’s hateful and racist rhetoric, as he has singled them out repeatedly, calling them “rapists and criminals.” His signature campaign promise to build a wall along the Mexican border also made it clear that Trump has little love for our neighbors to the south.”

Washington Journal


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