Jared Kushner Just Got Busted Building Luxury Condos With Grants Meant For Poor Communities

“As Kushner’s star fades in the Trump administration, more unsavory details about the Trump senior advisor and son-in-law have emerged, hastening his fall in the public sphere. He has long been an unsavory character, but until he joined the Trump administration, he was content to toil away in the shadows. Now, he’s being exposed.

The Washington Post has just reported that Kushner used real estate grants intended for impoverished areas to help build a tower of luxury condominiums.

In the interest of cutting corners and saving money wherever possible, the real estate mogul set out to manipulate the system. His team collaborated with New Jersey government officials to redefine the site of the luxury tower as part of a larger region which included impoverished neighborhoods. The greedy, underhanded move was not unlike gerrymandering, a method by which Republicans redraw their districts to include sympathetic voters and exclude opposition voters. Both are immoral, but also legal.”

Washington Journal


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