David Simon Has Best Twitter Thread On Trump’s Guilt After Comey Hearing

“The Wire creator David Simon lays out his theory for why Trump looks guilty as hell after the Comey hearing.”

From Twitter:

Thread: A year with some good detectives taught me that often WHAT ISN’T SAID is the actual tell. And note what isn’t discussed between….

…Trump and Comey. At no point does Trump make any concerted effort to discern whether or not Russia did in fact attempt to interfere…

…in the election. Indeed, he notes that the claim has created a cloud over his governance — so he can scarcely say that it isn’t…

…of real concern to him; his concern is premised in this meeting. Yet, he doesn’t inquire as to what Comey and the FBI is yet discerning..

…about Russia’s role. He doesn’t even do so as a means of disparaging the claim. (i.e. “I’m sure you’re finding out that there’s nothing..

…to the claims of Russian interference, right?” It. Doesn’t. Come. Up. In this regard, I am reminded of every innocent and guilty man…

…I ever witnessed in an interrogation room. The innocent ask a multitude of questions about what the detectives know, or why the cops…

…might think X or Y or whether Z happened to the victim. The guilty forget to inquire. They know. An old law school saw tells young…

…trial lawyers to remind their clients to stay curious in front of a jury. There’s a famous tale of a murder case in which the body of…

…the defendant’s wife had not been recovered yet he was charged with the killing. Defense attorney tells the jury in final argument…

..there’s been no crime and the supposed victim will walk through the courtroom doors in 10 seconds. 30 seconds later the door remains…

…shut. “Ok, she isn’t coming today. But the point is all of you on jury looked, and that my friends is reasonable doubt. You must acquit.”

Jury comes back in twenty minutes: Guilty. Attorney goes to the foreman: “I thought I had you.” Foreman: “You had me and ten others. But…

“…juror number 8 didn’t look at the door, he looke at your client. And he didn’t eye the door, he was examining his nails.

Even when he was completely alone with Comey, Trump didn’t look at the door. He eyed his nails. It’s an absolute tell.

Why? Because Trump already knows that there is some fixed amount of Russian interference on his behalf, and possibly, collusion as well.

The Daily Banter


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